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Free of body, free of soul, Part Seven and happy news (for a change)
At last, for those still reading, this is the last part of my story. You can read it here (I would love you to do that!)

The happy news is that I 'chatted' to Suzee yesterday on FB and am glad to say that things are moving on. She tells me that she thinks she will soon be able to get out and about (although her usual three mile walks might have to wait a bit). After all the horribleness of the past weeks, it was lovely to chat about ordinary things (like whether the fascinator I am going to wear to a wedding next week will suit my hair - serious things) and to reminisce about the last time we met and all the great things we got up to. I pray that there may be many, many more chats like that one to come.

This is really a happy news! Send her positive thoughts!
Thank you so much for telling us!

Thanks, I will give her your good wishes.

Sad however hope for the future. Hope to see more from you

I'll do my best!

Better news indeed! That's much more hopeful altogether.
Will add a little prayer too.

Thank you, I know she would appreciate it.


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