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how to relax

it's easy to relax when you're old. Find a comfortable high up place, a warm day, so-so garden, then just chill.
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Is this your garden at home? Beautiful as is the kitty..aaaaah. sigh.

Yes. Its a really beautiful day today. Molly likes to look good against a pretty backdrop

Pretty Molly has the right idea. Clever these cats....

That's what my cats do too--they follow the sunshine up and down the deck :)

She's actually lying on the table, but she does summon the energy to transfer herself to the path for extra sunbathing.

such a lovely cat and what a pretty bit of garden we can see. So so hot today isnt it, melting, melting.

Yes it is glorious!

Such a lovely photo! Molly looks quite content, and your garden is anything but "so-so." Thanks for sharing.

That is only Molly's opinion, and she is no gardener. I will be sorry to leave it; it is a little oasis in the middle of a noisy town.

Oh? Are you moving?

Yes, we're moving to France in September. Our house is at the top of a hill, so is on four levels including a small field at the bottom. Very different to here.

I meant the garden is on four levels not the house!!!

That sounds very exciting. Bonne chance dans votre maison neuve!

Merci bien!

Now if we could just live like this.

Since I retired Molly has been advising me in relaxation methods.

good teacher after all she is the expert.

Thanks for sharing this lovely - and warm - picture. Cuddles to Molly, and hope she doesn't mind the move too much!

Molly is not coming with us, I am afraid. She is 17 and I am worried that she might not survive a very long journey. So she is going to retire at my friend's house, who, like molly, is a single lady soon to retire, who enjoys company. It is a very hard decision. We have had her since she was six weeks old, but I am trying to put her needs first. Feel sad now.

Big hug! And well thought!


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