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Pink heaven
On Friday I spent a very pleasant day in Felixstowe, a kind of melange of container port and rather nice fifties beach resort. After visiting my friend's new beach hut we headed for the shops where I purchased the shoes below from the Miss Diketon charity shop. £3 for a slice of pink heaven.
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These are cute!

Yeah. Nice shoes, shame about the legs. Still they're fun to wear!

Wow! Those are really pink - hide them from Sparky!

I was thinking she might like them!

Have an escape route planned, just in case ;)

Aha but I have the secret weapon of having very big feet ..!

Well, that and she will only wear flats.

Well I am safe then with the Miss Diketon favourite, kitten heels.

*grin* Kitten heels, indeed!

Miss Diketon is alive and well and running a charity shop?? Is it a front for a THRUSH satrap?

PS nice shoes...:D

Mm, it could very well be. Of course Miss D is my role model, at least in the clothes department.

Next step: going dancing!

The only pink clothing I ever owned was a faux Chanel suit from a thrift shop. With a few minor adjustments it was my clubbing outfit :D

Clubbing in a Chanel suit - cool! The shoes combine two favs of mine, pink and sling backs with kitten heels. And they are comfortable. Drawback - walking across the lawn in them to hang out the washing. They sink.

Drawback - walking across the lawn in them to hang out the washing.

perhaps a good reason to send someone else to hang out the washing ;)

I knew there was a reason for having a man around the place .,,

Illya is calling later to go dancing. He tells me he is a secret pink admirer.

Illya is a secret pink admirer? Wow…
Your journal style is GREAT!

So he tells me. Not for himself mind you. Glad you like the style!

No kidding! Now, how about that dress with the side zipper that reveals her big knife. Or is that not in style this year?

Oooo yes, I love zips!


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