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40 years #2

Following kind comments yesterday am indulging myself with another pic from ' le weekend d'anniversaire'. One of the priests in our parish is leaving. Cue meal at the 'salle de fêtes '. The French need little excuse to celebrate and I salute them for it. Anyway here is the old English couple among them celebrating forty years together.


The french countryside seems to be suiting you both. Loving the beard!

Will convey your message to the maitre.

There they are, younger every year.

Funny. I wish.

My father always said a person could start counting backwards at a 'certain' age. I'm in favor of it.


I don't mind people knowing my age. I'm 62, sound in body and at least i think I'm relatively sane. I have many things to be thankful for.

Re: Age

Unless I meet a much younger man ... I'll own up to my age :D Under different circumstances, I might be tempted to fudge things a little

great picture, you two look very happy

Thanks, we are!

Tu es très jolie! J'aime une bonne partie!

Moi aussi!


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