A new story - Free of body, free of soul.
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Finally, after what feels like an eternity, I have finished the above story. For those who like some idea of what might be coming, I would describe it as a Gen story, set in the early years of the partnership; nothing too extreme in the way of violence, but a bit of how's your father in the first part involving our blond friend and someone you may know. Here's a bit to start you off; if you want to, you can find it on AO3, at least the first part. I have finished the whole lot, but didn't want to overwhelm anybody, so will be publishing the other six parts over the next few days . . . if anyone is still reading by then.

Thanks to spikesgirl for invaluable advice and well, for just cheering me on to the end, really! Anyway, here's the start ..

He could see, when he allowed himself a moment to glance up, that dawn was approaching rapidly. Light deftly pierced the cretaceous gloom of the swamp, a slight wind making the moss among the trees appear like dense, soft hair hanging from the boughs of the cypress looming into view ahead of him. The ground felt spongy in the meadow, the broken down shack he knew so intimately now suddenly passing into his field of vision as he crashed on past a line of oak trees, the empty swinging of its splintered door momentarily surprising him before, with head down, he forced himself forward towards the nodding moss and the lake.

The small rowing boat swayed gently in the water as he approached, his heart pounding but still daring to hope that he could sustain the energy which had driven him thus far. He stopped, dragging in a few lungfuls of damp, warm air, before with a sigh he knelt down on the wooden planks of the boat dock and began to edge his body towards the boat below.

A sudden, blinding light froze him in its beam like a large trapped animal, his body illuminated easily for the two men who seemed to have appeared out of the dense gloom as if by magic and within seconds, to have him in their grasp. He felt the cold fingers of the larger man on his neck, tugging his collar until he was forced upwards between them.

‘Kneel before your master.’

With a shuddering breath, he dropped to his knees as two familiar feet appeared below his head.

‘Landry. Ah wasn’t aware you were a free man, to go and do as ya will.’ There was a silence between them, only punctuated by the odd, desperate squawk of a long distant bird and the smooth lapping of the lake under their feet. Landry allowed himself to look up for the time it took him to re-acquaint himself with the other man’s cruel, supercilious stare.

‘My soul is free, whatever you may do to my body, Houghton’ he managed to murmur, before, with a thud, his body crashed to the ground under the baton’s vicious and final lash.

The three men stood over the body for a short while, before Houghton turned away, a slow smile illuminating his lips as he heard the splash behind him.

If you want to go on, you can read the rest here:

The Robert Vaughn effect
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This is scary. I don't post for ages and now twice in two days?

This morning I received a letter from our glorious NHS hospital informing me to halve my Warfarin dose and then stop taking it after next week! I am calling this the RV effect. Get close to someone particularly wonderful and wonderful things start happening!

And Liverpool beat Fulham 3-2! The RV effect on the reds!

Twelve Angry Men and One Angry Woman (well not angry really, just embarrassed)
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I have been meaning to write this since the weekend; it must be the sinking feeling all this rain is giving me that has prevented me from starting, because the day, my birthday, which was such a brilliant day and which contained such brilliant experiences, was only slightly, but worryingly marred by .... so called .. UNCLE fans ..!
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I'll skim over the first part of my birthday ... for all gymnites, I was in the gym at 8 going at it with Jim. No that doesn't sound right .. well you get the idea.
We set off for London straight after, collected the keys for my brother's flat where we were staying the night (it's so wonderful to have a brother with a flat in central London) and then headed off to lunch at this brilliant place in Exmouth Market (lovely bit of London near where brother lives) for lunch. After lunch, straight to the National Gallery for viewing of not one, but two pictures of Van Gogh's Sunflowers. Our one (I say 'our' meaning 'The Nation's one) and another which has been loaned from the museum at Amsterdam. For Sunflower lovers it was total joy.

Then, on to Charing Cross Road, where with superb strategic planning, the theatre proved to be only five minutes away from the National Gallery. However, we were early, so indulged in a little book buying in Blackwells and a rather lovely light dinner of Moules (Mussels) and frites (no translation necessary) before moving on to the main event of the evening.

The Garrick theatre is really the loveliest of places, very beautiful and intimate, just how a theatre should be (IMO). And we were so lucky to have seats in Row C, at almost touching distance of the stage. Everything was set up for absolute pleasure and it (and he) did not disappoint.

Twelve Angry men is an immense play, and I'm sure some of you will remember the 1957 film (well I know you probably didn't watch it in 1957 but hey ...). The action of the play is set in a room in a courthouse in New York on a fantastically hot and humid day, the weather playing an important part in setting the mood of the drama. Twelve men are given the task of deciding the fate of a young black man accused of murdering his father. Without giving you a long and detailed resume of the story, one man challenges the prejudices and pre-conceived notions of the other eleven, most of whom reveal their deep seated problems and attitudes as the play progresses. All the actors are on stage for the whole of the time, so that they have to be in role continually, a challenge for any actor I would think.

Robert Vaughn plays the pivotal role IMO of the first juror to be persuaded that the boy might not be guilty. It was fascinating to see how he sat for most of the play at the table, didn't say a huge amount, but what he said was absolutely central to persuading the others of the boy's innocence. His facial expressions and body language were fantastic. We were both so gripped by what was going on that we didn't notice that the rectangular table actually revolved at some point during the action (it must have done it very slowly) and suddenly you realised that it was sideways on etc. The other actors were also superb; most of them were British I think, but it was impossible to tell who was British and who American. It was very much a play where you went home and discussed the issues of justice, prejudice, belief, etc that it raised.

Sadly but joyously, after two wonderful hours it was over. I hadn't really thought much about what we would do afterwards, to be honest, rather than just go home. However, while I was chatting to someone near the stage door my husband pointed out to me that RV was coming out of the front of the theatre. With a slight fluttering of the heart, (only my heart of course, Stephen was calm), we stood outside the doors, along with a small group of women, who very sweetly (this is England after all) began to clap politely as he came out of the doors. I have to admit now that I am not a very accomplished fan, and have an innate fear of embarrassing myself or the person I am trying to admire. Consequently I just stood there in a state of semi petrification for a few moments. Then the unthinkable happened.

What I can only describe as a gang of men, made up I have to say of the strangest assortment of males I've seen in a long time, literally barged their way through the small, polite group of woman, and surrounded RV. As my husband observed, they had come prepared. For some reason they were all in black, brandishing what looked like clip boards to which were attached photos of Napoleon I think and also very large A4 size UNCLE badge things like you see at the beginning of the TV programme. When the theatre security people took exception to their behaviour, some pretty insulting things were said. It was horrible, and, whether he (RV) was used to this sort of thing or not, I found it extremely intimidating. Thus it proved virtually impossible to do anything except stand and stare. I actually found myself standing next to his car as he got in it eventually and then slipped away into the night.

I never expected to see either Robert Vaughn or David McCallum at all, and so to be honest, the play was such an unexpected and memorable event in my life, and was enough. However, that incident has left an unpleasant taste in my mouth of how fans can overstep the mark, particularly since he is now quite an old man (but soooo sweet and lovely). Perhaps someone can explain to me who these people are and what on earth they are doing to bring the whole MFU fan group into such discredit.

I apologise for not providing pictures - only just recovering from the trauma, and hey, you know what he looks like .. lovely.

Dirty guy Picfic 10/22
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Ever wondered what happened after our intrepid pair and Salty drove off at the end of the 'Ultimate Computer' affair?  Here's what I came up with ....
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Am I the last? I hope not!
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Oh dear, illness and disorganisation mean that this has to be a little photo less thank you, dear Canteen über-leader!

I do hope that you will soon be feeling your effervescent normal self, and for myself, I want to express my sincere thanks to you for all your kindness and encouragement to me ever since I first wandered into the fair realms of LJ. You are a marvel my dear! As the blessed St Julian of Norwich, a remarkable and far ahead of her time medieval woman would say: 'all will be well, and all will be well, and all manner of things will be well' .....

Being 60
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2012-10-06 15.40.13I haven't posted for a very long time.  I decided today, after spending a few minutes playing about on my new laptop, that I would, especially since I've finally worked out how to use the bluetooth thingy to send pictures from my phone to my laptop!  This must have something to do with being sixty obviously.  So here I am (actually I was 59 when this was taken, but only a few months have passed).  I wanted to thank everyone who posted good wishes.  I am feeling good, apart from the fact that I have a lesson observation on Tuesday, which is not good, but I am saying 'La' to it for now and will panic later.  Roll on retirement, more writing, more fun, more France!
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I feel a gymnite meeting coming on....
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Bad ice skating experience not withstanding, I am feeling a great need of a Christmas get together for those brave souls willing to brave floods, the railways or anything else this glorious isle can throw at us.  I have to admit that the last few months have been a little trying, so I could do with a little light relief, or any sort of relief really.  Well actually, I'd love to see you all again comrades; anyone interested?  I imagine that London will be the place of meeting, but suggestions of dates and possible activities will be warmly received.

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At last, you might be saying, this Summer Solstice challenge written at the behest of mrua (I blame her for it all) has ground itself to a conclusion!  Hopefully you might have dropped over to MFU Scrapbook, but if you haven't please do if you can bear to.  Anyway, the watery  angst continues for our blond genius whilst his partner gets around a bit.

PS With apologies, I am having problems putting all this under the cut!

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Summer Solstice Story Part One
Rosy chibi
For mrua7
From rosywonder

I have many excuses for this story being so late and so long, but I won't bore you with them here.  If you are minded to read this, Part Two will follow shortly.  My tribute to all things British including our glorious summer weather.  I am having a problem uploading the original picture but perhaps mr will be kind enough to display it if I can't.  Suffice it to say, it's that one where they're all stood round that ridiculous globe thingy in Waverly's office . . . .
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World Book Day, or how to embarrass yourself in front of four hundred children
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 Yes, in case you didn't realise it, yesterday was World Book Day.  As I've mentioned in reply to Dr Evil Fairy's interesting post yesterday, our school went all out this year, one of our many activities being dressing up as a character from a book or comic (or film because some of them never realised that some of these films were originally books).  As I am a shy and retiring type, I opted for a character from the Batman comics, of a feline nature.  In case you think you've happened upon some sort of dive in deepest Berlin look again . . .

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