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Forty years ago ...

Last night, on the spur of the moment, we decided to go out for a meal to celebrate our ruby wedding. The celebrations that we didn't plan now seem to have spread to the whole weekend.  Anyway,  after briefly mentioning said fact to waiter en passant, the above was produced at dessert. Quel surprise! We were touched. Crêpes Suzette d'anniversaire de marriage.

Congratulations!!!! Forty years of marriage is certainly worthy of a crepe Suzette! Well done.

Merci. Not really a life sentence and the crepes were excellent!

Once again, Congratulations. I think you ought to post that picture from Facebook though, you two make quite the fetching pair.

Will consider it. Flatterer.

How lovely. Congratulations!

Thanks! It was a lovely evening.

Congrats on 40 years. Seems like the dessert is as special as the day.

It was a lovely meal and the ambience was superb. The restaurant is in part of a very mighty medieval chateau near where we live.

C'est bon! Félicitations pour votre anniversaire!

Merci bien ma chère. C'a été un bon weekend.  J'espère que tu vas bien parler le français?

D'accord. Je apprends lentement. Mon weekend était très bien.

Ruby congratulations, and may you have many happy anniversaries in future!

Thank you!

Congratulations to both of you, (I didn't see this yesterday).

Its okay. I don't post for a year and then i go mad with two posts!


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