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Weather Report
 I've just watched the weather forecast for the UK, and guess what ?  SNOW!  Felt I needed to share that you lucky people who live in a normal country.

You're not alone... After having decently warm and early Spring type weather, today it's cold, rainy and windy. We've had nicer weather in Winter. :-(

Well, I can't even say that; We have had a perfectly beastly winter, and just when you thought . . . .. Now this is very British; discussing the weather!

And now we're under a tornado warning until 8:15 tonight (about 30 minutes from now), as a tornado was sighted by law enforcement personnel a few miles east of us. Thankfully, it's headed NE, so away from us.

But then, the counties south of us are on a tornado watch until nearly midnight, so that may move into our area shortly, too.

I just love this weather.

Oh, I just saw this on the news. Not going to grumble about our little snow storm now.

Hope you're alright, Illyush...

So far, so good, but as I figured, the second watch area has now turned into another warning. We are keeping the weather alerts in front of us, and prepared to head for the basement if need be.

East of us, there has been massive damage from the tornado that just missed us. They still haven't been able to search all the streets in the hardest hit area, but they know there are lots of trees and power lines down, plus some major structural damage to several homes.

Edit for additional info: In High Point, a nearby town where a tornado hit, they have now established there are leaking or broken natural gas lines. They are in the process of evacuating that area now. Of course, no electricity, either.

It's quite a bit calmer right here now, but the watch isn't over until about 1am.

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Well I'm glad you're OK.

The damage I saw on TV looked awful. So glad I don't live in tornado alley.

Stay safe!

I wish I'd never started this. My little, wine encouraged moan about the weather seems unbelievably feeble compared to this! That sounds scary. Despite moaning about this country, we don't really have unbelievably extreme weather, very rarely do we have tornadoes, in fact that would be a major event. Time to batten down the hatches and snuggle in, preferably with a nice cuddly Russian for company . . of the blond type.

Oh, don't fret! Tornadoes are a fact of life here, we frequently have watches and occasional warnings. In the past two years, there have been tornadoes touch down within a few miles of my house. Yet, after living here most of my life, I have yet to actually see one.

A bit scary, yes, but we deal. And we're just fine this morning.

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Snow all around

We have snow forecast for Wednesday, the day we are driving to the big city in preparation for my trip to Oregon.

Gotta love living in the desert.

Re: Snow all around

Wow, but snow in the desert must be quite beautiful. A little different to snow in Ipswich methinks.

*looks around for a normal country* Snow, yuck. I feel your pain.


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