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 Well if we're going all retro, then here is retro . . .

and here is vintage . . .

you look lovely there, genuinely lovely.

Is that Liverpool? All my Mum's 1950s pictures of them in Liverpool they look like gypsies in the Great Depression they really do.

No, I'm afraid that I am a Londoner by birth. My scouse mania is entirely due to my football mania, and so of course I always have scouse characters in any MFU story I write! So, being South Londoners, my brother and I do look really quite smart, do we not?
Now you are depressing me by making me realise you are probably (almost definitely) young enough to be my daughter!

You both look VERY smart, which is why I asked cause smart or clean are not words I'd use about any of the 50s Liverpool Clan. To the extent that I go "wow is this a picture of great auntie marge in the 30s?" and they go "no that's you Mam in 1960" "Oh, why isnt she wearing shoes then?" that sort of thing.

You both look like tidy, respectable children.

Oooo Retro! The 1957 Liverpool Bus Timetable
Lord knows why my Grandad still has this

Oh I love timetables! I was four when this one came out. Of course I grew up with the red buses, except for when I visited my grandparents in Wigan (Lancashire connection, note).

My Dad's from Manchester so Wigan is nicely inbetween them.

And I shall tactfully teeter around the "old enough to be my mother question" by saying that both my parents were born after rationing ended.

Yes, we were very tidy because my mum (who also came from Manchester, although I don't admit this to any of my LiverpoolFC friends) was a cleanoholic. Mind you, my brother was much better behaved than me, which is probably why he is now a Judge and I am a mere teacher in a school where today, on our training day, hoodies did us the honour of smashing up two of our cars. !! - in the car park of the school!

Well hopefully Brother Judge will be dealing with said hoodies soon.

At school they don't have Harvest Festival. This is because one year certain parents were caught making a human chain from the hall to the truck outside and were making off with the display. They've now also finally figured out the Tombola fix, whereby certain players just buy another tombola ticket book and match it up to the prize they want. So watch out for that.

OMG that is so bad - the harvest festival thing I mean. I actually love school fairs at our school, especially the summer ones, because I get to examine all the parents' tattoos at close quarters. Some of them are very revealing.


What a darling you are! how old in that first picture?

I love you both in uniform. And I love the grocery shop behind.


Re: WonderfulRosie

I was 17 in the first picture - believe it or not that was taken at my Grammar school. We didn't wear uniform in the upper sixth and I was trying to look deeply mysterious (with the emphasis on 'trying to look'). The shop behind Nicholas and I is our shop - and it's a paint and wallpaper shop - look closely and you'll see the guitar shaped wallpaper displays hand made by my mum!

Ooh, very cool pics! So, in the retro one, you were about 17? And how young in the vintage? Very, very cute!

Almost a pin moment. I was five in the vintage, my brother was seven. We are standing outside our shop, the 'Rainbow'. I could never keep that beret on for more than about five minutes.

I take it the Rainbow isnt there anymore. Where was it, I can say hello to it if I'm passing.

It was 304 Balham High Road, just along from Tooting Bec Underground station (Northern Line). Sadly, after we left for sunny Southfields (for Wimbledon tennis, on the district line) and to a large shop, it was sold to a Ford car dealership and bulldozed to make a huge used car lot. I haven't been along that way for some time. I'd love to come to London sometime and revisit the old places. Do you work in London? Whereabouts?

Oh, I feel all sad and nostalgic now. It had a lovely forecourt made up of different coloured paving stones (like a rainbow!) which I used to go up and down on my scooter. Happy days.

oh dear I shall look out for the car lot then. :(

I work in lots of different places in London. It tends to be Whitehall.

Gosh, Whitehall. Do you run the country then?

nah i do all the things the people who run the country cant be bothered to do.

im not entirely convinced it is that good for my soul really, it can be a bit....central governmentish.

Politics, or anything approaching them, is never good for the soul. I spent four years as a (Labour) councillor. I know.


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