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The fab four do London
True to form, I am the last of the group to post. Through bleary eyes I add my bit . . .

This is where we came in . . . . Trafalgar Square.  Naturally, I had arrived earlier than required, then decided to visit one of my favourite paintings in the National Gallery (domed building in background), thus making myself late for THE meeting and causing the necessity of running down many steps.  Not having any idea who my mysterious companions for the day might look like, I began to fumble with my communicator, I mean mobile phone, when the unanimous shout of 'Rosy!' from about five yards jerked my head towards a bevy of lovelies standing close by . . . our day had begun!

Immediately we stepped out in grand fashion for the magnificent Tate Modern Art Gallery, housed in a former power station (as you have already read if you've been keeping up with my illustrious companions' entries!)  After a lightning tour of the establishment with academic guidance from our Irish professor, my friends felt moved to create their own installation for my benefit . . .

Sadly, a strange, older woman joined them for this picture.  (I don't know why, but this bit is underlined - why, computer, why?

Ah yes, the Globe Theatre!  Aching backs and feet apart, a magnificent spectacle with rather tasty young men in doublet and hose at arms length parading their . . . swords.  Shakespeare is he is meant to be done.

Togsos, momentarily stunned by the sight of . .. the blond?  a nice backside?  No, friends, it was that chap from the Champions!

In true Shakespearean fashion,
we repaired to a wayside tavern and there feasted ourselves on the likes of chocolate (the meanies), capuchino (moi) and ice-cream of varying flavours - (one and all).  Note this photo was taken shortly after the ice-cream arrived.  Where is the ice-cream you may say?  Take a shrewd guess.

Then followed a pleasant walk through the streets of this fair city, Shovewood insisting on furthering her study of British military uniforms by waylaying a guards officer who just happened to be, well, guarding.  
My camera then nestled safely in my bag as we undertook the serious part of the day, i.e. the partaking of food and drink.  

Staggering, nay, striding along the streets of Ipswich on my way home, like Cinderella, I reached the Vicarage by the stroke of midnight.  

A joyous day out - with fantastic company.  Girls, you were brilliant.  Thank you for putting up with me.  

While the cats away

I'm not at all jealous, just wish I could have been with you all.

Great pictures!

It sounds like so much fun, get a bit of culture, a little tipple, chocolate AND ice cream and friendship. What more could one want.

Re: While the cats away

Yes, a perfect day. I now realise, however, that I am the ancient one of the group as I had to lie down this afternoon to recover (but not for long)!

Well, it seems you didn't do anyone in with your boxing, or swim the Channel on a dare, or do anything terribly outrageous.

I don't know whether to be disappointed or relieved... ;-)

But I'm definitely looking forward more than ever to August. :-)

Of course, I was the soul of self-control and good behaviour! I'm saving more eccentric behaviour for my trip across the water.

The underlined bit is because you accidentally got the link from the picture extended to the sentence after it. If you go into the post editor and switch to HTML view, you can cut-and-paste the sentence from inside the linky-brackets to outside them.

Or, having gotten to HTML view, you can just copy-and-paste the whole mess into a PM and I'll fix it for you. :-)

Wonderful pictures! Looks like y'all had a great time!

I'm reading this too late in the evening - I'm sure it makes sense and I admire people like you who are so brilliant at all this techno stuff. Still, I will try to make my befuddled brain follow your directions - thank you!

And yes, it was a super day; one always wonders if the people you chat to on the screen will be as lovely in real life - in this case, they were!

Please can I come down for next time...please, please, please....

That would be brilliant if you could come - all we need now is a representative from Wales and we have it all! I would love to meet you, and believe me, you'd have a great time with the fab four!


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