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The arrival of the Queen of Capping
For the small, but select readership of this epic journey, we are now proceeding to Monday, and the arrival of the Queen of Capping, none other than her highness Illyushadarling.

By some miracle of NYC transportation she was catapulted into our presence and the dynamic duo became the terrific trio. We steeled ourself for her entry, as we assumed positions of deference, to be completely confused by the appearance of a person wearing a white shirt, black trousers and alarming dark glasses. Who could this be? We peered anxiously towards them before the said person ripped said glasses from their face revealing . . . . yes, you guessed. No, not him, stupid! That would have been really exciting! A ripping time would definitely have followed!

Bearing in mind the intense sun, we managed to leave our sunscreen behind, so many visits to various pharmacies later, we arrived in the financial centre of New York. It would be inappropriate to make light at this stage of our trip, bearing in mind that we were now at the site of the World Trade Centre. I last was here ten years ago, and had wondered in the intervening years how I might feel on visiting this place now. At the moment the site is in the process of being rebuilt, and, as such, boarded up, but the size of it alone was sobering. Today, there was a little 'incident' outside our B&B necessitating eight fire engines. On the front of one of the local vehicles, the names of six firefighters were written, commemorating their deaths in 9-11. Sobering.

Well, without being superficial (hey, that's my middle name), in the evening, we ventured out to the first of several gourmet experiences (sorry, second, but I digress). The 'french' experience enabled me to introduce Sue to my favourite desert, 'Iles Flottantes', and to introduce her to the French way of eating bread and butter, as provided by the french owner of the restaurant.

After dinner, back to the pad, where we watched the 'form of things unknown' with yours truly in. Of course, there was nothing unknown about the 'form' we were watching! Then, after an interesting bout of furniture adjustment by our hostess, we were able to squash, I mean lay down in our triple room. It is quite fascinating to listen to the sounds of the city at night, and the sounds of someone close to you at night. It's truly amazing what the nose can do.

Tune in tomorrow, or even later tonight, for our final posting, entitled 'Dr Evil Fairy, Carabele, the Russian Tea room and water, lots of it'.

Glad the love in is going well :D


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