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Goodbye, dear friends!
For some reason, I managed to get yesterday's account a little muddled. Anyway, lying in our lovely bed last night listening to the noses, oops I mean noises of the night, I realised that in fact I had become a little confused. This is not unusual or surprising. Anyway . . .

I have to say that my dear friends Illyushadarling and dhswi are extremely long-suffering, and were prepared to spend the whole of Tuesday morning shuffling round West Village with me while I viewed certain places connected to the stories I've written. Despite every other place of worship in New York (and there are myriad) being closed, wondrously, the church of St Luke in the fields was open, permitting me to check out the place where, in my world, Illya married, and the school where his children attend (ah, sad you say, but fun). On the way down Grove St, we were suitably astonished to find the 'cafe Angelique' where my faithful friends paused for photos, as well as 'Waverly Place'. After selecting a suitable new house for Napoleon, we pressed on.

After returning to the groovy chicks pad for a change of clothes, we took a cab to . . . . The Russian Tea Rooms for a rather splendid lunch. More splendid for me, dear friends, because as Illyushadarling has to eat quite tiny amounts, I was able to eat my borscht and then eat most of hers too. Lovely! It really is a most splendid place, having been recently refurbished, and it was extremely easy to imagine a number of rendezvous taking place there. Sadly, we were not able to rendezvous with anyone of a Russian persuasion, so we pressed on to Central Park and, close by, the home of a certain blue-eyed one. Sadly, he didn't look out of the window and shout 'Hi girls, come on up', but it was nice to be in the 'area' as it were. Home, and after a rather lovely salad, we settled in for what was becoming now our usual evening of lusting. I have a new appreciation of the ipad now; it's rather fun to come up close . . .

Now, I must away to the airport in time for the next leg of my journey to St Louis. For the kind few that are still reading, you'll have to wait for the account of our day with Dr Cindy, the fount of all knowledge MFU and the owner of a great accent (I didn't actually say to her 'I love your accent' as that would have been rather crass, but, Cindy, you do have a great accent!)

See you later . . .

Bye Bye! Safe trip to St. Louis.

and yes, I'll post the Circle Line pix today. I'll send a copy to you all on email.

[And I like your accent too! We must sound interesting to anyone overhearing when we talk together]

Your accent was interesting, what you had to say even more so. I thoroughly enjoyed our day together.

Send me an email with the address at which you want to receive the photo.

It's big so make sure your inbox can handle it.

I can't believe it's over already.

To say this past week was fun, would be a terrible understatement.

I am going to have to have my evening lust on my own tonight. And no crazy, zany Brit doing a Miss Diketon impression on the bed.

Miss you!, how long have we to wait for the next chapter?

(And how close to his home were you?

And do they call them dustbinmen in America?)


I'm so sorry, things have taken a while to settle down here in Illinois, and I promise to write the next part tomorrow, now that I have my lovely little notebook and can write in the sanctuary of my rather swish hotel room in the middle of nowhere.

We were standing outside his home - how about that!
And . . . I just couldn't think what they do call them here, think it must be garbage men!

Tomorrow, I promise, Dr Evil Fairy, the trip round Manhattan by sea and the very strange conversation I'm still getting over.

Re: Apologies

I am so envious!

Three of us, friends from school, were going to go over last year (and we are still talking about it but with changing circumstances it is unlikely now) and I just kept looking at maps of this huge place and thinking "I don't even know where to start looking!"

Re: Apologies

I've been to NYC three times now and I do think it's a wondrous place. With a good map and a guide book it is not scary at all, and there is so much to see. I'm sure I could go another ten times and still enjoy it!

Re: Apologies

I look at the pictures of the traffic and doubt that I could even cross a road there! Every daydream I have of going there ends with me camping out (hiding?) in the Metropolitan Museum and not sticking my head outdoors again until it is time to go home.

Technically a visit is still on the cards - we were talking about it again when we met up on Saturday night, but realistically it is not looking likely.

Re: Apologies

That's a shame, but Dhswi was really nervous about going, and now she is entirely addicted to the place and planning her next trip! Of course cost is a big issue for anyone in the UK, but it's definitely worth it if you can scrape together the necessary to make it across the pond.

Re: Apologies

I'm always here, available for tours!

[want to be LJ friends?]

Edited at 2010-08-20 01:00 am (UTC)

Re: Apologies

Yes, I can fully certify that Dr EF is an excellent tour guide, including detailed knowledge of the theatre district and excellent hostelries to boot.

Re: Apologies

I'd be honoured to be friends (but I'm not sure how to do that...)

And I would love to take you up on the tours, but you might have to blindfold me, like they do with with old horses, to lead me through the traffic!!!!

Re: Apologies

I just friended you.

To friend me back, go to my user page, click on the person (with a plus sign) icon in the upper right hand corner.

Don't let your fears stop you going

I hated crossing the road, but found that if you just waited for the crossing signal (a white hand) and crossed then, all was fine.

Locals (and other American's) don't wait for the white hand, but that's there look out.

I would also walk across the road very quickly, leaving the other girls in my dust. They gave me some flack about it, but I didn't care.

I went to NYC thinking that I would enjoy the company but not the city, now I'm in love with both. So much so, my husband and I are going in October to celebrate our anniversary.

You'll not regret going.

Re: Don't let your fears stop you going

Thanks! I've read your more recent posting about hailing taxis too; I've got a similar background, in a small Scottish town, and that level of traffic just seems alien!


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