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And Finally . . . .
After a somewhat extended leave of absence, I am finally down to describing the last part of our delicious visit to New York City! Read on if you dare . . .

Wednesday dawned bright and early, and after I had stuffed down my usual combo of strawberries, granola and yoghurt we were ready to contemplate the day's events! As if the advent of Dr Evil Fairy herself was not exciting enough, we were also excited with the fact of meeting yet another comrade, none other than Carabele! After a few frantic e-mails, we waited with trepidation for the Evil Fairy's footsteps or rather ring at the bell of our high class establishment. At the hour of 11 she arrived and we were soon out on the street on our way to meet Carabele at the South Street Seaport, a so-called 'historic' seaport with beautiful views out on the East River to the Brooklyn Bridge. I was impressed all day with Dr EF's no-nonsense approach to hailing taxis (just step out in the traffic and MAKE them stop!) and her comprehensive knowledge of the NY underground system (travel with her kid, you won't get lost!)

We enjoyed a very pleasant meal with Carabele, who turned out to be far more ladylike than Dhswi and I, but that wouldn't have been difficult. Sadly, she had to return to work (obviously some of us have to) and we boldly journeyed on where no sensible person has gone before and headed for the Circle Line ferries.

For those of you not in the know, in my opinion of course, this has to be a superb way of seeing Manhattan for several reasons. First, you can sit back and be cooled by the waters of the Hudson and East Rivers, secondly, the spoken guide is always amusing as New Yorkers always are, and very informative to boot, third, if you happen to be sat next to people you've just met, you can use the two or three hours to get to know them better, and lastly, the view of Manhattan from the water is very special indeed. Naturally (hey, this is America!) we had to have our group photo taken by the kind folks of Circle Line, who, by the time we returned had them all developed at a bargain price folks. And if you're very nice, no doubt Dr EF or one of my fellow Illyateers will post said photo for your delectation. And if you wonder how the big green woman with the Sunray headress got in on the act, then, well it's a miracle, ain't it?

Talking of said woman, there is something terribly moving about seeing the Statue of Liberty. It is such a terrific symbol, close up, but also in the distance. It doesn't really take much imagination to think how immigrants must have felt when they saw it for the first time.

However, our exciting day had not ended yet! Led by our trusty guide, we headed for the theatre district (hope I've got this right) and, yes, lots of theatres! Actually, this is a charming part of Manhattan, full of life and with many interesting buildings. One tends to think only of Broadway and big shows, but the area is much more than that, more diverse and filled with some surprising little theatres including one which seemed to double as a church (but not at the same time I presume). Passing along, we eventually ended up at a rather interesting restaurant (the name of which I have forgotten because I left the menu behind) deep in luvvie land. (Do you Americans use this term? Luvvie - theatre types/actors, you know). An extremely nice meal followed where I indulged myself with calves liver and even the good Doctor was not able to get the whole of a stupendously large apple dessert down, a sort of combination of apple crumble and pie. Of course our dear friend Illyushadarling was being very sensible, a model to us all!

Having taken our leave of our trusty guide with regret, we rode back to our chic shack. I say rode, but usually one has to grip tightly on these cab journeys to avoid being thrown through the window as the yellow bucking bronco cab whizzes along). I'm wondering now whether the last part of my story is fit for the delicate ears of any listeners who may still be awake to read it. Oh well, here goes .. .

Selecting our next MFU episode on the ipad to slurp over, I mean watch with a serious intention of intellectual discussion, we spent the next half hour or so making our usual high minded comments on said butts, I mean agents, little knowing that outside our extremely thin bedroom doors lurked one of the stranger guests in the household. Coming out of the room for a quick drink (of water) Dhswi and I were immediately greeted by a slightly (well I'm being kind) inebriated Welsh Australian woman looking for intellectual conversation (well that's what she said, I doubted it, having perused the beer bottles behind her). The conversation began moderately well, with introductions etc until that is the subject of 'how did you two meet?' came up. I am well used by now to the slight eyebrow rise when one mentions 'we met online' or 'MFU' etc etc. However, Dhswi and I, innocents that we are, were not ready for her next line. 'I couldn't quite fathom the jump from 'oh, you met online?' to 'oh, you're two lesbianateers then?'. At this point a little devil entered Dhswi's soul,(remember we're British). Running her hand through my hair she feigned astonishment at this statement. It was straight downhill from then on, compounded by the fact that we then mentioned to her that there was another woman (our Illyush was flat out in fairyland, - she was lucky) in the other room as well. It was really pointless claiming we were two extremely married women, but not to each other. Well, I suppose being a faux Lesbianateer is not that bad, is it?

You paint such a picture, Rosy, my beloved lezzi companion.

What a great day, and it ended on such a hilarious if not somewhat bizarre note.

Heaven knows what the poor drunk girl would have thought had she seen us laying in the same bed, practically naked, laughing so hard the building shook.

Ah, what a fantastic trip. So many memories, all of them pleasant.

I fear we've damaged poor illyushadarling with our warped British humor and liberal ways. What say you Illyush?

I'm glad for these reports, as I'd penned our meeting with Dr. Evil and Carabele as Thursday. All the days a jumble, it would have helped had I recorded in my little yellow book every night, instead of lusting over the iPad screen and falling straight into dream filled (and heavy snoring) slumber.

Yes, it was definitely Wednesday, as, if you remember, you helped me my new pair of trainers on Thursday, and then we visited the Ukrainian museum. Um, will have to write another entry . . .

Yes, Illyushadarling should count herself lucky to have slept through our little conversation with said lunatic welsh australian nutter.

Ah yes, the shops, losing Illyush in the gardens, Katz, Odessa. It's all coming back.

Loving your ChibiYou.

Yes, I know, we make a damn good pair of chibis, do we not? Wait until you get the card I sent you . . .

Thanks for reminding me about Katz - I'll include that in my definitely final NYC report tomorrow. I am green to my little boxing gloves with envy of your prospective visit! You better come over to our fair country soon, chibi girl!

Yes,I loved NYC so much I'm going back in October with hubby to celebrate our 26th anniv. We'll enjoy, but I'll be thinking of you and the fun we had.

Oh, maybe I'll bump into our Welsh/Australian friend and prove that I'm a happily married, albeit crazy brit.

You couldn't be that unlucky. Still at least you'd have Mr Dhswi with you for evidence/protection.

If you're in midtown to stay, do go to Grand Central Station - it's so lovely and there are lots of good places to eat there too!

If you're in midtown to stay, do go to Grand Central Station - it's so lovely and there are lots of good places to eat there too!

Sounds good! I still have a list of foods to eat, like NY Pizza, Pretzels, Hot Dogs.

Yes, well they're all very healthy, I'm sure (!)
I've had some nice meals here, but I do wish they wouldn't put so much cream, salt and sugar in everything!

Had a manicure today - check out my purple nails, sister!


no doubt Dr EF or one of my fellow Illyateers will post said photo for your delectation.

st_crispin did post our picture way back. Here is the link

Re: P.S.

Thanks, that fills in the gaps of my blog nicely. We sure look a handsome quartet, do we not?!!!

Re: P.S.

We sure look a handsome quartet, do we not?!!!

I'd like to think I'm not as fat as that picture makes me look, but I fear the camera never lies.

Oh well! I've lost 5 lbs since arriving home from the trip, so I'm on the way down.

By the way, on whose camera was the picture at the Russian Tea Room taken? I can't wait to see that picture.

I won't be able to check mine until I return home as I seem to have left my card reader behind.

Oh, my dears, what a day, what an evening! I must confess that, Illya-like, I was only feigning sleep during your tete-a-tete with the Aussie lady. I couldn't make out the conversation, just the voices and laughter, but my Illya-sense indicated it was best I not join in. No telling what Aussie-lass would have thought had I done so!

I have pics yet to upload to my drive and post, including the Russian Tea Room. Returned to work to find lots of lovely (not) changes, and have been running mad ever since. But hopefully I'll get those up this weekend.

Speaking of work and madness, must dash now to shower and get out the door. Love you both and do hope we get to have more adventures together in the future.

Yes, you were the wise one remaining in a state of feigned unconsciousness. By the way I am now in a state of heightened awareness due to your icon. We will definitely meet again for further adventures!

Love your picture of seeing Manhatten from the ferry - it all sounds glorious!

Yes it was, but the friends you are with make the time spent there very special.


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