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A trip to the green country
 Now just in case you had forgotten (a) who I was, and (b) that we had taken a trip lately, here's my highly subjective version of the weekend . .. . .

Not wanting to miss a minute, we got up at some ungodly hour (well, suezeque 's normal rising hour) and headed for the airport; strangely, for us everything went smoothly, except of course that Stephen was searched i'n the security area (he has that 'come and get me' look, you know).  Proceeding on rapidly, once I'd got my boots on, we headed for the plane and instant unconsciousness until a highly annoying trumpet blast announced that yet another Ryanair flight had landed on time (this was not to happen on the way back . . . .)

I didn't think 'turn right and I'll be by the big pillar' was a very clear instruction, but as togsos  is hard to miss (being so startlingly attractive), we were now the gang of three and ready to go . . . and eat!  There's no need to worry, I won't be able to keep this level of detail up for much longer, but somehow eating was an important part of this weekend.  How Illyaesque that is!  So, an extremely delicious breakfast in Carluccio's consumed, we were ready to be led round Dublin by our charming hostess.

I think it's important to state here the quality of Togsos' guiding abilities.  If she ever tires of her enormous computer and the little chibis, she should seriously think about taking over the Irish Tourist Board.  In all, apart from our trans-Irish tour (which I shall refer to later, if anyone's still awake), we were entertained to three tours of Dublin; the walking tour (highly informative verging on intellectual); the Viking tour (highly amusing verging on complete lunacy, profoundly un-intellectual - well, do you think roaring at unsuspecting people on pavements is an intellectual pursuit?  Roaring with horns on, and of course not roaring at the Garda were the creative parts of this tour.  I also learnt something about Molly Malone which I won't mention here.  But I digress . . . and last but certainly not least, a fast action, Starsky and Hutch totally illegal tour of the streets of Dublin by night, including driving up streets the wrong way, reversing at high speed and driving up bus/taxi lanes behind the Garda.  As I mentioned, Stephen was requested to move over and appear to be offering his seat to someone looking for a taxi, but in the end he was a little too queasy to do so.  

Anyway, back to Friday.  We were conveyed back to the Togsos ancestral mansion for a rather tasty Indian (meal, that is).  Togsos demonstrated another of her devastating tourist guide abilities, namely, ordering the grub in Urdu complete with a strange set of noises at the end of the conversation.  Whether she knew the word for 'take-away' or not, I was impressed.  Now I don't think I should describe somebody's else's house (except to say that it was lovely) without their permission, but I have to say that she does have the biggest television in Ireland. Well it's bigger than mine.

That's enough for now.  If you're interested in knowing why we got a much better room on Saturday night and hearing about the worst wetsuit in the world, you'll just have to tell me and I'll tell you.

Tu be sure

Woo Hoo! You've been seriously missed.

Sounds like you had a rollicking good first day, and yes, I would like to know 'the rest of the story'.

And I do hope you have pictures.

Re: Tu be sure

I posted photos earlier in the week, that were beautifully photoshoped, i believe they are an appropriate legacy!!! :D

Re: Tu be sure

They were beautiful pictures, but I want more. More more, more!

Re: Tu be sure

Yes, will get my act together and sort photos tomorrow! Thanks for reading after all this time; I'll try and make Saturday even better.

technical inaccuracy .... i didnt know the word for side order not take away :D
As for roaring with horns on... well to be honest if we didnt have the horns on we would have just looked ridiculous roaring!!

Oh yes, I apologise profusely, but it was still impressive. I don't know what you mean about roaring; I roar on a regular basis at the kids at school in a totally horn-free environment.

naw they are just too nice to say you look like a nutter to your face, im telling you get yourself a viking helmet and roar at them, THAT demands respect! As for my house describe away i am curious as to what you would say .... emmm possibly avoid mentioning the backgarden LOL

I don't need the helmet now, I have my new hair colour to scare them with. Just think the colour of your kitchen walls and your're heading in the right direction.

Will give full description of your lovely home tomorrow. Am nervous now about making mistakes as my brain is fried after horrible week at school.

Any pretty Ireland pics to peruse? We've seen you lot in the wetsuits and the viking helmets so that's fine. Mind you I havent seen your New York piccies yet either.

Youre not having an ofsted are you?

I promise to sort out the pics and have a sort of picture show this week! I have a couple of pretty pics that are a big improvement on the wetsuits I can tell you!

We failed our inspection and are in special measures. I cannot tell you just how awful that is, in terms of the number of people crawling all over us and the hyperdrive the (so-called) senior management team have gone into. Last week, children's books were examined twice. After half-term the 'team' from County will be in, closely followed in December by another inspection by Ofsted. This will continue until we come out of special measures. There are people already off with stress related illnesses, and others look as if they are about to follow. I am trying to keep my (very red) head above the waves, but our headteacher's method of keeping up morale is to put you on a competency procedure if she deems your teaching is not up to spec. This is why I do the gym like a madwoman, allow hairdressers to do strange things with my hair and write long, strange convoluted stories about two guys.

you hang in there, this has happened to my parents before in different schools and it's always nasty and horrible. It used to happen to my Mum a lot because until 5 years ago she was a supply teacher so used to come in to lots of different schools to cover for the teachers off for months with stress due to the situation. I know it's almost impossible but try not to think about school at home.....and yes, writing Muncle fanfic sounds a good coping strategy. Nearly half term soon.

Also I took this yesterday and I cant believe how nice this looks. It's the lake in Doncaster behind Asda,the Dome, the bowling alley and the Warner Brothers cinema. It's that wasteland bit before you get to pizza hut, McDonalds and the yorkshire outlet.

Blimey, I used to work at St Peter's school behind Asda! Is it underneath all that water now? I used to love the dome, especially the outdoor swimming bit!

oh yeah all that bit has all changed. I cant remember when they did everything. First they joined the racecourse road up [going past the Dome and Asda] with the M18. So you didnt have to go through the city centre to get to the motorway. And theyve built stuff all around there. [I can remember when I was very little there was an airstrip there with planes taking off]

They've moved Doncaster Rover's Stadium. It's not by the racecourse road anymore, it's behind the Cinema and quite close to the school actually. They've built this lake and there's a little village and business park around it. There's I guess around 100 or so new buildings in that area in the past 8 years. [perhaps more]

with the aid of google earth...
blue square = the school
top red square = the dome
lower red square = new location of Donny Rovers Stadium next to the lake

I wondered where you'd got off to! Thought it was just me who has been so snowed under by work that I can hardly get online these days.

Lovely to see you, just wish it was face to face. I'm hanging on to my NYC memories for all I'm worth, just to get me through the day to day.

Can't wait to see piccies. :-)

What a lot of fun you must have had. One of these days...


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