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They're big . . . they're orange . . .
 Following on svetlanacat 's splendid jam entry, here are my pumpkins.  There are six of them.  Now what shall I do with them?  I have some ideas, but I thought you cousins over the water would have many, many others.  Come along now . . .

La Citrouille et tres bon.

Living pretty close to the Rhubarb Triangle I've had Pumpkin and Rhubarb crumble....that was alright if you added enough sugar.

Rhubarb and pumkin? Rhubarbe et citrouille? Je dois essayer!

'est' not 'et' otherwise you've said 'The pumpkin and very good' although that's fine too in an oblique kind of way (!)

Pumpkin and rhubarb crumble - a worthy addition. My rhubarb plant has now exhausted itself after producing a vast amount over the season. I gave my PT at the gym a plant and she gave me some pumpkin cake after it produced a very creditable pumpkin, her first attempt at growing anything.

Pumpkin pie

La tarte à la courge... You have recipes of pumpkin pies with sugar, and also pumpkin pies with cheese, salted.
Pumpkin pie is absolutely delicious.

Re: Pumpkin pie

Yes I am looking for a good recipe for that so I can make a huge pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving and take it to school in aid of cultural understanding.

She's back!

I'll eat pumpkins cake if it's loaded with sugar and fruit. I'm not a fan of pumpkin, though my family likes pumpkin pie, and I can look up a recipe for that. I think I read about a pumpkin soup, which is much more up your street, so I'll go hunting.

Pumpkins aside, it's GREAT to see you here.

Re: She's back!

Yes, nothing short of a pumpkin miracle, truth to tell. Knew you wouldn't let me down on the recipe front, my dear.

And my friend ( who is eating the jam...) tells me about pumpkin soup with onions and red pepper. You can serve it in the empty pumpkin, it's beautiful!

That sounds wonderful! I will try that for a dinner party I am planning for all the retired clergy who help at our church - that will liven things up!

Merci bien, mon amie, je vais les essayer!

I made pumpkin soup last year as a trial run before a dinner party - it was a complicated recipe, with grated fresh ginger, but it was good; and I told the couples coming to dinner how great it was.

And when I went out the next weekend to get the ingredients to do it for real, there was not a single pumpkin left in the shops. They had sold them all for 50p as soon as Hallowe'en was over.

I was in so much of a huff about that that I didn't make it this year.

You're welcome to come down to Ipswich and collect one of mine!

I would have been straight down tonight if I could have found the recipe. It also involved about a bottle of red wine.

Sounds like a recipe right down my proverbial street. Just checked my 'wine cellar' (actually a dozen or so bottles in my kitchen) and we're sorted for the pumpkin and the wine.

And the ginger?
To be honest, I think the whole thrust of that recipe was that pumpkin was so tasteless you had to boil down everything at hand to spice it up!

I have two large pieces of ginger (I've got this great juicer and I make the most wicked juice with beetroots and ginger amongst other things!). Now that recipe is completely wrong to make you believe the old pumpkin is tasteless - it's a wonderful veggie and has the most beautiful taste, especially when roasted. Italians, and Russian spies assure me of this.

When it was souped with the wine and the ginger the final thing was good.
Not sure ahout will probably need to invite me to dinner so we can discuss that properly.

I invite you to dinner. In fact I invite you for a fun packed action filled weekend in sunny Ipswich if you care to come. I have the pumpkins, ginger, red wine, MFU DVDs, S & S DVDs . . . I could go on , , . Prps we should have a little mini get together with the fair beanies and anyone else we could drag in, I mean invite.

That would be fun. Although I suspect I am about to be snowed in until spring.

Spring it is then - although you'll have to have courgettes by then rather than the pumpkins!

That will be something to look forward to!


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