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The so called Personality test
 So I'd just finished stuff for school and had nothing better to do . . .
You Are An ENFJ
The Giver

You strive to maintain harmony in relationships, and you usually succeed.
Articulate and enthusiastic, you are good at making personal connections.
Sometimes you idealize relationships too much - and end up being let down.
You find the most energy and comfort in social situations ... where you shine.

In love, you are very protective and supporting.
However, you do need to "feel special" - and it's quite easy for you to get jealous.

At work, you are a natural leader. You can help people discover their greatest potential.
You would make a good writer, human resources director, or psychologist.

How you see yourself: Trusting, idealistic, and expressive

When other people don't get you, they see you as: Bossy, inappropriate, and loud

Me, loud?  Inappropriate?  No, surely not.

i'm intrigued by the possibility of inappropriate!Rosey.

I'm an inspirer - which I guess means I start something, then bugger off and let other people finish it.

It's possible, I can assure you. I'm sure you're wonderfully inspiring - you organised our little day out, after all!

Almost right

You would make a good writer

Scratch that, and put 'You ARE a good writer'.

From what I know of you, I'd say this is pretty darn accurate. I don't dare do it, I'm sure I'll come up with the one that says 'You are an IDOT!'

Repeat after me, IDIOT IDIOT IDIOT

See, I can't even spell IDIOT.

Re: Repeat after me, IDIOT IDIOT IDIOT

You are far from that, mon amie. And you are also very kind in your comments about the writing. Very kind.


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