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A new year coming and a new story finished
 On this very foggy day in deepest Suffolk, I thought I might, before the year ends, just say a resounding THANK YOU to all those I've had anything to do with this year, and also announce that I've finished another story.  In case you're interested that is . . .

First, to those who I've talked to online, and there are a lot of you, thank you so much for yourselves - you are a great bunch, but you knew that, didn't you?  We all lead stressful lives, I'm sure, but my stressful life has been made just that bit better by your being part of it, and for that you have my heartfelt thanks.

For those of you I met , well I have to say a little extra.  
First, the epic trip to London in June, was it?  What a blast that was.  I'm still marvelling at how I managed to stand for so long to watch Henry IV part I and how tolerant people the same age as my son were of poor old aged me.  After a particularly strange meeting with a former boyfriend of mine, I was a little bit scared of meeting people I'd only talked to online, but I didn't realise the quality of those I was about to spend the day with.  Beanies, Togsos, you were beautiful.

Following on (well not following on, but you'll see the link) was 'The Return of the Escape Committee' more recently, this time with some old faces and a new cast list; yes that was you, Eilidhsd, Elijahwildchild and Huntingosprey!  Wow, what a day that was!  I managed to seriously embarrass myself on the ice rink, but luckily the bruises didn't appear until later.  I'm still marvelling at our sheer stiff upper lipped British resolve to ignore the weather and travel from places far and wide to be together.  Simon would be proud of you, girls!

I now move on to the highlight of the autumn, yes, our trip to Togsosland!  I will never, ever look at a Viking helmet or a Kayak again without remembering this epic weekend, courtesy of the Irish equivalent to Leonardo (and I don't mean DiCaprio).  It's difficult to put our Irish experience into a few words, except to say that it was, well, epic.

 And finally, (trumpets sound here) I have to thank, from the bottom of this little beating heart, my dear friends Dhswi, Illyushadarling, St_Crispins, Carabele and of course Mollycate, for making my trip to the USA a total blast.  Dhswi and Illyush, thanks for enduring several nights up close and personal with yours truly in that room, and for sharing the deluded fantasies of a wannabee MFU writer on a route march round the village; St Crispins and Carabele, thanks for meeting us, and, Dr Evil Fairy, for impressing me so much for your fearless method of hailing NY taxi cabs, amongst other things.  To my dear friend Mollycate for allowing me into your life, and letting me do my usual thing of telling people (i.e. Kevin) how to live their life.  You two were the best.  Finally, I have to reserve a special word for my friend Dhswi, who has shared the daily life of a lunatic teacher via e-mail; watch this space for our next big adventure!

Right, still there?  Now,just a word about my story.  I know, I can probably count my readership on the fingers of one hand, but if you feel like a looooooooong story which is part of an even looooooooonger epic, give it a whirl.  Caution! contains wives and children, but there is a story in there too.  Hope you can give it a whirl if you've time.  I'm sorry it's only posted on, one of these days I really will learn how to convert these files to HTML . . . oh, I wish I was as clever as  all you girls out there . .
.!   This is the link!

So you don't have to copy and paste.

Woo Hoo!

I have had the privilege to read this story already, and I can promise you that you will be entertained. I was on the edge of my seat throughout, not being able to wait to find out what was going to happen next.

Read this story, you will not be disappointed. Read the whole epic, as it flows so beautifully from one story to the next.

And my dear friend Rosy. What a blessing it was for me to meet you this year. One of the highlights of 2010, no doubt about it. We were already getting along like a house on fire 'sight unseen', and I can tell you, I had no hesitation meeting you. I KNEW without a doubt that we would get on.

I can't wait until our next excursion, hopefully this coming year.

Thank you for your friendship, you love (no, not in a lesbianateer way -gotta love our Welsh Australian friend-), miriads of advice, two boob prints on my iPad. You really are GREAT!

So folks, go read that story, you'll not be sorry.

Re: Woo Hoo!

Ooooo I am touched! People pay good money for publicists like you!

I was forgetting the boob prints, but not of course the lunatic Welsh Australian.

It's a great, great story, and I wish to see the blond hippie... You know, I have alreaydy copied some old stories ( Pandora's box) from fanfic, and put them in "post an entry", with rich text, and it works well...

Thanks very much for reading! I'm a little confused about Pandora's Box though. As you see, I am pretty hopeless with the computer, except for the things I do at school!


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