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Happy Epiphany!
 This morning, we did something unusual, even for us.  Following an ancient tradition still practised in Northern Europe, chalk was blessed at Mass and then the year, the initials of the three kings, and their crowns were chalked over our door by this rivetingly handsome man who is my current life partner (!)

Share the pic and my blessing during this lovely season . . .
Almighty God, incline your ear,
Bless us and all who are gathered here.
Send your holy angel
who will defend us and fill with grace
all who dwell here.  Amen


Hope that this will be inclusive enough to include all of you, of any faith or none.  May 2011 be great and good for you all.

Lovely tradition. Hope you have a great 2011 and i will probably see you guys some time in it .... :D

Ooo I do hope so; we'll be practising for the next kayakking extravaganza!

Is that not just pure playing free and easy with S's life? lol

Well I've been doing that for nearly forty years, so why stop now?

Oh, that's lovely. And, yes, he's lovely, too. Lovely tradition, lovely husband, and you, my dear, are a lovely friend whom I miss very much.

May 2011 be your best year yet.

And I miss you toooooooo! Have a good 2011 and here's hoping that you have a bit more time to enjoy yourself!

I've always liked the Three Kings in the nativity, not entirely sure why, maybe it's the swishy capes and the bling.

Was a great cartoon in our church magazine one year, with the three of them in capes and bling on their camels and the text was something like: "Don't you think we'll be a bit too much for the Presbyterians?".
Being a dour Bible-source-only Presbyterian, I've just had to google them to find names for them!
But thanks Rosy for sharing a lovely tradition - and a glimpse of the man.

yeah if i remember my paltry religious education the reformation did not like the three kings - too much bowing and relics possibly. I know their names are something like Casper, Balthashar and Milky Bar though.

Aye, Melchior, according to Wiki.
With us, if it is not in the Book, it it out. (And if it sounds like it might be fun, it is out.)

pshaw. Fun is relative. :)

I don't know much about Presbyterians. My neck of the woods has an overabundance of Southern Baptists, Church of Christs, and United Penecostals. I remember thinking the Roman Catholic church was the most exotic thing in the history of the world. Needless to say I married a Catholic, because I live for adventure. :)

Well, this is a strictly ecumenical household of a decidedly Catholic flavour, so the Magi are welcome here. I forgot to say what the C, B and M stood for; thank goodness for Wikipedia!

The present Mr Rosywonder kidded me last night that he was blessing chalk today so that teachers would have a good year! Huh!

On a final note, the nice thing about this tradition, is that (apart from obtaining the blessed chalk), it doesn't need a priest. When we did it, Stephen did the first part and then I read the prayer.


Melchior was my Father-in-laws name. I know nobody needed to know that, but I thought I'd share non-the-less.

Re: Trivia

Really? Interesting. The only other use of the name I know of, was of a very large, exotic white cat. I think Caspar is more popular. No doubt if I mention them round my school, someone will think they're different and start naming their children after them!

Yes, they are so exotic and mysterious, are they not?

see me being exotic and mysterious :D

Rosy - the hair on your fellow is so pretty. I know guys don't like knowing their hair is pretty, so let's keep this between you and me. :)

What a lovely sentiment. I hope you also have a healthy, happy, blessed 2011.

Aw, that is so kind! He has really great hair, and I should know, being a hair porn person of the highest calibre.
Love your icon! Oh, there's another person with nice hair!

Yes, I hope that everyone here has a wonderful year; you've all given me so much happiness in 2010.

Happy New Year!

I love that steely white hair on a man. You'd better watch out, I'll be after him with my scissors when I meet him this year (THIS YEAR!).

Happy New Year my friend.

Re: Happy New Year!

Honestly, no-one is safe from your scissors! His hair grows really quickly and it's really thick, so be my guest!

This year eh, . . . GREAT!


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