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Epiphany - the fallout
 Following on from my more serious post, here is the surreal version.  This can only happen in a Vicarage folks.
In order to create the Epiphany crib in church, one has to remove shepherds, animals etc, replacing them with said Magi.  Like everything else here, this was done in a rush; hence two animals of the plaster variety lurking under our hall radiator.  Aha, but who has joined them?  And now there are three.

What an attractive kitten friend! :)

I have found that we cousins all have very pretty cats. It may be because we know quality when we see it!

Molly would be very flattered to know that you think she's a kitten - the old girl's 15 this year, but like me, still thinks she's a teenager.

I'm beginning to think cat-keeping is a qualification for being here (she says, hastily trying to hide large pack of dogs under desk).

Molly looks as if she is trying steadfastly to ignore the intruders.

Yes, there are a lot of cataholics here. I also have Murphy, her son, he of the one-eyed wonder fame. But he keeps well away from the intruders.


Gosh, your Molly-cat looks so much like my beloved Allegra, who will be with me in Spirit, always. Very sweet.

Re: Molly-cat

Allegra, what a lovely name. I used that name for a girlfriend of Illya's in a story. She was quite a girl.

Hmmm... and the traditional stable also included a Giant Mutant Cat.

Who knew?

*snorts* Well they say each stable can reflect the personality of the person who made it. I've just looked down the hall and she's there again at her station, but determined not to look them in the eye.


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