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I feel a gymnite meeting coming on....
Bad ice skating experience not withstanding, I am feeling a great need of a Christmas get together for those brave souls willing to brave floods, the railways or anything else this glorious isle can throw at us.  I have to admit that the last few months have been a little trying, so I could do with a little light relief, or any sort of relief really.  Well actually, I'd love to see you all again comrades; anyone interested?  I imagine that London will be the place of meeting, but suggestions of dates and possible activities will be warmly received.

ah how i wish, but not going to happen for me :( you should post on the canteen

Am gutted but come across any time to this fair place, your room and your future husband are always available.

Alas, if I could afford a trip to England I would make it, but I cannot.

Come to new York! It's great at Christmas!

Oh that would be divine! My colleague at work is going for New Year's Eve but I'm not a big crowd person myself, though I did brave St Peters Square for a papal audience. With Suezeeque being so sick though I might be coming your way soon, if I can afford it.

We need something Doctor Who-ish to intervene at times like this. A Tardis party would be perfect, what with that bigger on the inside thing that it does.
I hope your trying times are over.

Or one of those handy Star Trek transporters, to avoid landing oneself in the wrong time period, though we could have a trip back to 1966 ....

Am well, school is actually very calm, but my husband is having a lot of trouble at church at the moment and then I'm very worried about Suzieque so there's always something isn't there? One day I'll be able to finish my current looooong story which was going so well until life intervened...!

Yes, Sue did let us know about her health issue. We just need to believe the best and continue to lift her up in prayer from our end.
Sorry about church problems... those are troublesome.
Chin up, Carry on... any more familiar British'isms I can offer? It is good to hear from you though, I was just thinking of you the other day. An email was forthcoming ;)

at some point you couldnt send me Suzie's address could you? I was thinking about sending her some things.

I dont suppose you know what her preferred media medium is? I'm unsure to as what dvd zone she's in or what technology she's using her end.

I will message you with her address. I know she has an iPad which she uses a lot. I will give you her email address and you can ask her.


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