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Being 60
2012-10-06 15.40.13I haven't posted for a very long time.  I decided today, after spending a few minutes playing about on my new laptop, that I would, especially since I've finally worked out how to use the bluetooth thingy to send pictures from my phone to my laptop!  This must have something to do with being sixty obviously.  So here I am (actually I was 59 when this was taken, but only a few months have passed).  I wanted to thank everyone who posted good wishes.  I am feeling good, apart from the fact that I have a lesson observation on Tuesday, which is not good, but I am saying 'La' to it for now and will panic later.  Roll on retirement, more writing, more fun, more France!
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ROSY DARLING. <3 you look marvelous! Beautiful! But I wouldn't expect anything less from you.

How charming of you to say so!

Charming...please. It's truth! :)

As exhausted and delirious as I was, I still cherish the evening spent in your company. I only hope that the next time we meet, I will be bright eyed and bushy tailed. And properly attired. LOL

I would love to meet you again - it must have been hell trying to keep awake after what you'd been through that day! As for your appearance - the hair is definitely your crowning glory, what the hell about anything else!

You look Fabulous... Absolutely ;) Certainly nothing near 60, so well done on preserving your youthful countenance. France sounds wonderful. I'm a year behind you, so by all means blaze that trail!

Thank you for the flattering comment! Yes, now I've decided, I am excited about this next stage of my life. I will redefine the term 'Pensioner' of course!

Good for you on having one to redefine. I shall live the life of the wandering artist into eternity, I think. I may yet take up pottery, just so I have a wheel to turn ;)

Wow, I should only look as good as you at 60...(I'm not that far off from 60 but not looking as great as you do) It's a lovely photograph! Pensioner is just hard to believe.

Life is what we make it for the most part, no matter what our age. I tea mug that must be 25 years old now, and it says on it. "It's never too late to have a happy childhood." I'm trying to embrace that, the older I get.

Hope your birthday was a lovely one! Wishing you many more!

I think you have a lovely young heart and that is what matters. That day, my neice's wedding day, that was my posh look. As retirement approaches I am stocking up on the t-shirts and getting ready for the laid back look!

One day I will of course be able to know how well you are wearing inside and out when we meet!

thank you1 Thats so kind of you to say. Chuckle. I have to admit, I've already been in the T-shirt and jeans faze for a long time! Still your posh look is great!

Looking forward to that day when we meet!

Me too; and I mean it. I fully intend to return to NYC and this time visit New Jersey too - something I've never done in past visits. You will be my excuse!!

Of course by then, I too will be wearing my jeans and t-shirt, but I'll probably bring a couple of Miss Diketon dresses too!!

Hey St. Crispins doesn't live too far from me! NJ isn't quite as exciting as NY but it'll be a fun meet up, I'm sure. Hmmm, you'll make a big hit in Miss Diketon dresses...but no stiletto, please. Wouldn't want you carted off as a terrorist. eeeek.

I'll just leave the knife at home, alongside the electric cattle prod that I keep just for any blonds who might be passing my way ....

Will definitely be passing your way sometime soon though ...

Yay! Hopefully when the weather is warmer at least.

Hmm, yes forgot about that cattle prod...chuckle.

You're beautiful - impossible to believe you're 60!
And belated birthday wishes from me: have a great year.

Its amazing how much air brushing improves one (!) Thanks, I am now beginning to think this is an exercise in drawing attention to oneself!

Mea culpa, will send you THE address soon and some photos as well, and if you are still coming to London, we must arrange that too!

Flight down booked for April 22.

Yay! Will be in touch soon!

It is a very, very early morning flight. I'll still be in my nightgown when we get to London. But I can go out on Monday night. We've tickets for the Pompeii exhibition on the Tuesday, and he's talking about Private Lives or Chorus Line but not booked. We'll see what there is when we're there. Other Half used to work in London so he can find his friends while I can meet up with you and hopefully Tog & the Meanies.

That would be great!

Fabulous photo of a woman who, through her passion for life, will remain eternally young. Brava, you!

Age is just a number

A divine thought, mon chou!!

My mother once said to me that in her eighties she still used to look in the mirror and think 'who is that old lady?' She said she still thought of herself as nineteen. I am determined to follow her example!


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