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The Robert Vaughn effect
This is scary. I don't post for ages and now twice in two days?

This morning I received a letter from our glorious NHS hospital informing me to halve my Warfarin dose and then stop taking it after next week! I am calling this the RV effect. Get close to someone particularly wonderful and wonderful things start happening!

And Liverpool beat Fulham 3-2! The RV effect on the reds!

The man is simply magical! Congratulations on your improving health, and on the Liverpool victory.

Yes, this is perfect timing on the man's part, as we're going to France next week ... the wine beckons..!
Liverpool are on a great run at the moment, but Fulham are bottom of the league and fighting to avoid relegation, so these are always difficult matches. But, with RV's help, they scored at the last moment .. result!

great news indeed! Can you send some of that RV effect this way?

Perhaps the blond (as was) genius will return to NYC soon, then perhaps you can have some of the DMc effect rain down (sorry) on you, seeing that we are keeping RV in his loveliness over here for the time being.

Oh from your mouth to God's Ear! I'd love to see DMcC live at least once...sigh.

You and me both.


He is a lovely man. I remember stories my friend told me about working with him on The A Team. He would always make time for anyone who came to visit him and was very approachable and flirted with all the ladies.

It is so lovely when someone you admire from afar turns out to be just as lovely close up!

It is and for the record, DMc was very nice to meet as well, even after I warned him not to get his nuts crushed... in fact, he was much more fun after that...

Tell me more! The nuts image is now indelibly marked on my brain.

We had met with him backstage and he has graciously signed some artwork for me. We were walking out and again met up with him as we were exiting the park(he was playing at Elicht (sp?) Gardens in Denver. The turnstile was enclosed with a wire cage and had bars going all the way up (I'm assuming to keep people from climbing over it. It reminded me of this thing my mom used to grind up nuts for Da to eat when he had his false teeth out.

Soooo, thinking Chris was behind me, I said, "Careful, love, this looks like the thing my mum uses to crushed my dad's nuts with."

It wasn't Chris behind me... rather it was a guffawing DMc. For a long time after that, Lynda (the woman in charge of his fan club) said he referred to me as the 'nut-crushing lady.' I can live with that.

That is fantastic! I can well imagine he found your comment hilarious. GSOH as they say!

I think he knew I didn't know it was him behind me. It has always been a fun memory for me and gave me the sense that he's still got a bit of the devil in him.

Oh I think he has 'wicked' written all over him.

To our collective relief!

He does have affect on you


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