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Free of body, free of soul, Part Two - and a bit of real life as well
Okay, so here is part two, for those who managed to struggle through part one last week.

As to real life, I astonished myself on Saturday by completing (with my six other intrepid companions) the gym triathlon! 6Km rowing, 42Km cycling (without those nice bits where you glide down the hill because this is the gym) and 8Km running on the treadmill (or in my case running for a bit and then dragging myself along by any means known to man). Anyway, it was in a good cause, the local children's hospice. Will let you know later how much we raised, but I think I have about £200 plus myself, so it was worth it.
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Congratulations on the gym triathlon, you're a brave woman.
As for the story, it's definitely a winner. Feel free to post it on Section VII, you might reach a slightly different audience and no one should be deprived.
Carry on ;)

Surprisingly, I didn't feel too bad after it, but wouldn't want to repeat the experience too often. We did a lot of extra training, so that helped, but most of all, the thought of making a bit of money for the kids at the hospice spurred us on.

I wondered about posting to Section VII - it seems like the kind of story that will fit in that community quite well. I'll give it a go!

That is brilliant, well done :D

Thanks. I take that as a compliment from the expert!


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