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Free of body, free of soul, Part Four in this Holy Week
I can hardly believe that Holy Week is upon us again, but it is, and this will be the last Holy Week we celebrate here, the last Holy Week my husband celebrates before retirement. So it is even more significant, more special than normal. In case I don't get the chance to say it, may I wish a very Happy Easter to all; may the joy of this season radiate among you!

It seems appropriate during this time then to ask for your thoughts, prayers, or whatever you can offer for my dear friend and a one time contributor to this on-line family, Suezeeque. Some of you may remember her, or may have met her when we spent those very amusing, nay riotous three days in New York a few years ago. She has been undergoing extensive treatment for cancer of the bowel and for a while things looked good. However, it now appears the cancer has returned, spreading to her liver. She is a life-affirming, fun-loving kind of girl and I know that she will be glad to know we are thinking of her. Jesu mercy, Mary pray.

Below, the link for Part Four of my story. Thank you so much to those who have manfully struggled through the last three parts and have posted their comments. Much appreciated.

Congratulations on your husband's upcoming retirement. Wishing you many golden years together.

I'm so sorry to hear that Suezeeque's cancer has returned. She's such a lovely, vibrant person. Please let her know that her Cousins here at LJ are thinking of her, and sending healing thoughts and prayers her way.

Thank you so much. You are so right in describing her that way. It will mean a great deal to her to think that people are holding her in their hearts at this most difficult time.

She was going through her first bout of colon cancer at the same time that I was being treated for uterine cancer, and her energy was a great comfort to me. I feel so sad to know that she has to go through all that again.

I am so very sorry! Please tell Suezeeque my thoughts and best wishes are with her!

Thank you, I will pass on your wishes.

this breaks my heart.

I'm sure she would appreciate an email. I know you've been wonderfully helpful to her.


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