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Free of body, free of soul Part Five and news about Suezeeque
For those who are still reading, here is Part Five of my current story. Thanks for the comments, which are all extremely interesting and helpful. Hope that you enjoy this one as the plot thickens ...

Back in the real world, news of Sue. I passed on all your very kind thoughts and wishes to her for which she is very grateful. She e-mailed me yesterday with the news that after her most recent tests, they have decided to perform a procedure which is called Microwave ablation rather than to surgery on her liver, basically to fry the tumours rather than cut them out. The advantage of this procedure appears to be that the recovery time is much much less, which is very good for her, as she is far from home and family in the hospital. So thoughts and prayers for her today.

Hugs and good thoughts to Sue, and hopes it is as quick as possible.

I hope so too. Thanks for your good wishes which I'll pass on of course. Hope you enjoy part five.

Oh it looks like poor Illya is in trouble again, next chapter soon i hope.

You are so right, but you wouldn't expect anything less would you? Will post part six next week. Thanks so much for reading and commenting.


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