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Free of body, free of soul Part Six and news about Suezeeque
Only two more parts left of this story. I do hope that those reading will enjoy them. Here's part six ...

As I think I said a few days ago on the Canteen, Sue is now at home after her treatment. Luckily, the recovery from this kind of keyhole surgery of the liver is quicker than a full-scale resection would be, so let us hope she is up and doing her usual early morning walk and bird spotting routine very soon. Incidentally, I am aware that in this country the NHS is far from perfect, but at least we are spared from the experience of lying on a gurney whilst our doctor argues about our treatment with the Insurance Company? I don't mean to criticise, but really ....!

I didn't realise until now how much the illness, and in some cases, mortal illness of those we love can affect us. Visiting another friend in the last stages of lung cancer and finding out about Sue has affected me badly, more than I could have believed. I went for my usual session with PT at the gym and just couldn't do it. I began to feel that in some way my health was not deserved while others suffered so much. I am pretty much back to normal now, my usual reasonably happy self reasserting itself. Am I being pathetic, or just normal?

Very normal. I hope you will get back into PT, soon. That's one way you've earned your good health, which we hope continues for a long time.

Glad to hear about Suezeeque. An extra hug for your friend - I'm so sorry!

Thank you. I am back training with Jim, my gorgeous PT. Training in the gym and swimming keep me sane and give me such a great sense of wellbeing - most of the time!

I am praying that Sue will improve soon, but it is a long road I fear. Still, she is very positive, and therefore I have no right not to be either!


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